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Supported standards

Supported XEPs

XEP Number Name Module
0004 Data Forms
0012 Last Activity mod_last
0016 Privacy Lists mod_privacy
0018 Invisible Presence
0022 Message Events mod_offline
0023 Message Expiration mod_offline
0030 Service Discovery mod_disco
0045 Multi-User Chat mod_muc
0049 Private XML Storage mod_private
0050 Ad-Hoc Commands mod_adhoc
0054 vcard-temp mod_vcard
0055 Jabber Search mod_vcard
0059 Result Set Management
0060 Publish-Subscribe mod_pubsub
0068 Field Standardization for Data Forms
0073 Basic IM Protocol Suite
0077 In-Band Registration mod_register
0079 Advanced Message Processing mod_amp (partial support)
0082 XMPP Date and Time Profiles
0085 Chat State Notifications
0086 Error Condition Mappings
0106 JID Escaping
0114 Jabber Component Protocol ejabberd_service
0115 Entity Capabilities mod_caps
0124 Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH) mod_bosh
0126 Invisibility mod_privacy
0138 Stream Compression
0153 vCard-Based Avatars mod_vcard
0157 Contact Addresses for XMPP Services mod_disco
0160 Best Practices for Handling Offline Messages mod_offline
0163 Personal Eventing Protocol mod_pubsub
0170 Recommended Order of Stream Feature Negotiation
0175 Best Practices for Use of SASL ANONYMOUS
0185 Dialback Key Generation and Validation
0191 Blocking Command mod_blocking
0198 Stream Management mod_stream_management
0199 XMPP Ping mod_ping
0202 Entity Time
0203 Delayed Delivery
0206 XMPP Over BOSH mod_bosh
0215 External Service Discovery mod_extdisco
0237 Roster Versioning mod_roster
0270 XMPP Advanced Server 2010
0279 Server IP Check mod_sic
0280 Message Carbons mod_carboncopy
0313 Message Archive Management mod_mam
0352 Client State Indication mod_csi
0357 Push Notifications mod_event_pusher_push
0363 HTTP File Upload mod_http_upload
0384 OMEMO Encryption (MongooseIM supports PEP, which is required by this extension)
0387 XMPP Compliance Suites 2018 - all suites, Advanced Server level
0424 Message Retraction mod_mam

Supported Open Extensions

Name Module
MUC Light mod_muc_light
Inbox mod_inbox
Token-based reconnection mod_auth_token, mod_keystore