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Options: S2S

The s2s section contains options configuring the server-to-server connections used to communicate with other federated XMPP servers.


Server-to-server connections do not support dynamic domains. Do not use dynamic domains when using s2s.

General options

These options affect both incoming and outgoing S2S connections.


  • Syntax: string, "allow" or "deny"
  • Default: "allow"
  • Example: default_policy = "deny"

Default policy for opening new S2S connections to/from remote servers.


  • Syntax: array of TOML tables with the following mandatory content:
    • host - string, host name
    • policy - string, "allow" or "deny"
  • Default: not set, default_policy is used
  • Example:
  host_policy = [
    {host = "", policy = "allow"},
    {host = "", policy = "deny"}

Policy for opening new connections to/from specific remote servers.


  • Syntax: string, one of "false", "optional", "required", "required_trusted"
  • Default: "false"
  • Example: use_starttls = "required"

Allows to configure StartTLS for incoming and outgoing S2S connections:

  • false - StartTLS is disabled,
  • optional - StartTLS is supported,
  • required - StartTLS is supported and enforced,
  • required_trusted - StartTLS is supported and enforced with certificate verification.


  • Syntax: string, path in the file system
  • Default: not set
  • Example: certfile = "cert.pem"

Path to the X509 PEM file with a certificate and a private key inside (not protected by any password). Required if use_starttls is not false.


  • Syntax: string
  • Default: 10 strong random bytes, hex-encoded
  • Example: shared = "82gc8b23ct7824"

S2S shared secret used in the Server Dialback extension.

Outgoing connections

The options listed below affect only the outgoing S2S connections.


  • Syntax: array of TOML tables with the following content:
    • host - string, mandatory, host name
    • ip_address - string, mandatory, IP address
    • port - integer, optional, port number
  • Default: not set
  • Example:
  address = [
    {host = "", ip_address = ""},
    {host = "", ip_address = "", port = 5271}

This option defines IP addresses and port numbers for specific non-local XMPP domains, allowing to override the DNS lookup for outgoing S2S connections.


  • Syntax: string
  • Default: "TLSv1.2:TLSv1.3"
  • Example: ciphers = "TLSv1.2"

Defines a list of accepted SSL ciphers for outgoing S2S connections. Please refer to the OpenSSL documentation for the cipher string format.


  • Syntax: positive integer
  • Default: 300
  • Example: max_retry_delay = 300

Specifies the maximum time in seconds that MongooseIM will wait until the next attempt to connect to a remote XMPP server. The delays between consecutive attempts will be doubled until this limit is reached.


  • Syntax: integer, port number
  • Default: 5269
  • Example: outgoing.port = 5270

Defines the port to be used for outgoing S2S connections.


  • Syntax: array of integers (IP versions): 4 or 6
  • Default: [4, 6]
  • Example: outgoing.ip_versions = [6]

Specifies the order of IP address families to try when establishing an outgoing S2S connection.


  • Syntax: positive integer or the string "infinity"
  • Default: 10_000
  • Example: outgoing.connection_timeout = 5000

Timeout (in milliseconds) for establishing an outgoing S2S connection.


  • Syntax: positive integer
  • Default: 10
  • Example: dns.timeout = 30

Timeout (in seconds) for DNS lookups when opening an outgoing S2S connection.


  • Syntax: positive integer
  • Default: 2
  • Example: dns.retries = 1

Number of DNS lookup attempts when opening an outgoing S2S connection.