Reloading configuration on a running system

mongooseimctl subcommands reload_cluster and reload_local are now available. The syntax is:

mongooseimctl reload_local

mongooseimctl reload_cluster

reload_local is unsafe as it reloads the configuration only on the local node. This might introduce inconsistencies between different nodes of the cluster. It's available as a safety mechanism for the rare case of a cluster-global reload failing.

reload_cluster is generally safe. It will try to apply the configuration on all nodes of the cluster. The prerequisite is that the modified config file must be available on all nodes at the same location (the location where MongooseIM expects its config file).

Non-reloadable options

Some options require restarting the server in order to be reloaded. The following options' changes will be ignored when using mongooseimctl tool: * domain_certfile * s2s_ * all_metrics_are_global * odbc_