Moving to single application project structure

This document explains how MongooseIM codebase was migrated from the umbrella application structure to a single application rebar3 project.

Moving official MongooseIM to the new structure

Move all apps/ejabberd subdirectories to the repo root

  • mv apps/ejabberd/src/* src/
  • mv apps/ejabberd/include/* include
  • mv apps/ejabberd/priv/* priv
  • mv apps/ejabberd/test/* test
  • mv apps/ejabberd/c_src/* c_src
  • mv apps/ejabberd/asn1/* asn1

When committing make sure that no new files were added (i.e. they are marked as renamed).

Move tools files


mv apps/ejabberd/src/cover.spec .


  1. from apps/ejabberd/src copy the MaybeFIPSSupport/1 function
  2. paste it into rebar.config.script
  3. call it on a result of calling SetupIncludedApps/2 in rebar.config.script


  1. In rebar.config remove {i, "apps"} line from erl_opts tuple
  2. Move {d, xml_nif} and {parse_tranform, lager_transform} lines to erl_opts tuple in rebar.config
  3. From apps/ejabberd/rebar.config move all three erl_first_files, xref_checks and port_specs tuples to rebar.config
  4. Add {cover_print_enabled, true} line below {conver_enabled, ... line in rebar.config
  5. In rebar.config, remove the whole [{override, ejabberd... structure from overrides tuple
  6. In rebar.config, pre tuple, add {compile, {pc, compile}} tuple (after {compile, {asn..)
  7. In rebar.config, post tuple, add {clean, {pc, clean}} tuple (after {clean, {asn..)

Delete apps/

rm -rf apps/

Changes in source files

Application resource files

  1. In src/
  2. Change application name to mongooseim
  3. Change vsn to {cmd, "tools/"}
  4. Delete src/
  5. mv src/ src/


This is the big one. Since we don't use the umbrella structure anymore, all -include(..) directives pointing to ejabberd/include need to be rewritten.

(SED is sed on Linuxes or gsed on Macs)

  • gsed -i 's/-include_lib("ejabberd\/include\//-include("/' -- src/*.erl src/*.hrl include/*.hrl test/*.erl
  • gsed -i 's/-include_lib("ejabberd\/src\//-include("/' -- src/*.erl src/*.hrl include/*.hrl test/*.erl

Release scripts

In rel/files/mongooseim the variable EJABBERD_SO_PATH contains an ejabberd-2.1.8* fragment. Replace it with mongooseim-*.

In rel/files/mongooseimctl the variable EJABBERD_EBIN_PATH contains an ejabberd-* fragment. Replace it with mongooseim-*.

Tests & tools

After previous changes, lots of tests fail, mostly because we changed the application name from ejabberd to mongooseim. Functions to look for are: - application:set_env - application:get_env - application:get_key - application:load - application:start - application:stop - application:ensure_all_started - code:priv_dir - application:which_applications

Those function are also called via RPC from big test suites. A good method to find them all is to search using application.*ej regex.

Files which require changes: - include/ejabberd.hrl - src/ejabberd.erl - src/ejabberd_app.erl - src/ejabberd_config.erl - src/mod_version.erl - src/translate.erl - test/ejabberd_config_SUITE.erl - test/ejabberd_helper.erl - test/ejabberd_listener_SUITE.erl - test/zlib_driver_SUITE.erl - big_tests/ - big_tests/run_common_test.erl - big_tests/tests/conf_reload_SUITE.erl - big_tests/tests/connect_SUITE.erl - big_tests/tests/reload_helper.erl - tools/extract_translations/extract_translations.erl - tools/xep_tool/xep_tool.escript - src/mongoose_cluster.erl (2 calls to when_app_stopped/1 function)

We also need to remove remaining occurences of apps/ejabberd directory structure. Some of the files are scripts assembling the path programatically - the trick is to search for the apps/ keyword.

Affected files: - - Makefile - elvis.config - src/amp_strategy.erl - src/mod_mam_rdbms_arch.erl - big_tests/Makefile - big_tests/run_common_test.erl - big_tests/tests/vcard_SUITE.erl - tools/cd_tools/ - tools/cd_tools/ - tools/fill_roster.erl - tools/privacy.erl - tools/ - tools/ - tools/ - tools/

Moving a MongooseIM's fork to a new structure

This section describes how to move a customized fork of MongooseIM to a new structure.

  1. Move all directories from the apps/ejabberd directory to the repository root, e.g. apps/ejabberd/src/ should be moved to just src/. Be sure to move all the important files, because apps/ directory will be wiped out completely.

  2. Make all the changes described in the Move tools files section. If you've made any changes to apps/ejabberd/rebar.config or apps/ejabberd/rebar.config/script, be sure to merge these with rebar.config and rebar.config.script in the repository root. Remove apps/ directory.

  3. Make all the changes described in the Application resource files section.

  4. Make all the changes described in the Includes section. Make sure that none of the include directives in your source code (in src/ and test/) has the following structure -include_lib("ejabberd/include/<header_file>"). They should now refer to bare header file names, i.e. -include(<header_file>).

  5. Make all the changes described in the Release scripts section. Make sure that all customizations made to release scripts and release process are aware of the new directory structure (i.e. none of them assumes apps/ejabberd path exists).

  6. Make all the changes described in the Tests & tools section. Since ejabberd application was renamed to mongooseim, make sure that all the code which was starting or stopping ejabberd, now does the same for mongooseim. You might want to check the following function calls:

  7. most of the functions from the application module
  8. code:priv_dir/1
  9. calls to rpc module which would call functions listed above