This document describes the SCRAM serialization format used by MongooseIM. Developers can use this information to create advanced endpoints for ejabberd_auth_http or enable other software to read (i.e. share) the user authentication data.

Format description

==SCRAM==,<stored key>,<server key>,<salt>,<iteration count>

  • <stored key> - Base64-encoded Stored Key
  • <server key> - Base64-encoded Server Key
  • <salt> - Base64-encoded Salt
  • <iteration count> - Iteration Count formatted as a human-readable integer

In order to learn more about the meaning of the Stored Key, Server Key, Salt and Iteration Count, please check the SCRAM specification.


  • Password: misio
  • Erlang record: #scram{ storedkey = <<"tmi5IE+9pceRV/jkPLFHEaVY33c=">>, serverkey = <<"MiWNa8T3dniVDwmh77ufJ41fpAQ=">>, salt = <<"inKXODlSY5y5SCsLxibi0w==">>, iterationcount = 4096 }
  • Serialized password: ==SCRAM==,tmi5IE+9pceRV/jkPLFHEaVY33c=,MiWNa8T3dniVDwmh77ufJ41fpAQ=,inKXODlSY5y5SCsLxibi0w==,4096