The Developer's Guide to mod_amp

This is a quick, introductory guide for developers wishing to extend mod_amp or plug into the message processing system.

Source Files, Headers and Tests

  • include/amp.hrl This header file contains the amp XML namespace and the types used by mod_amp: amp_rule() and amp_strategy() are the top-level points of interest.

  • src/mod_amp.erl This module is responsible for plugging in all the other components. It's main driving function is filter_packet. After determining that a given message contains amp rules, the module proceeds by determining its strategy for the message and comparing it against the rules. The server may return an error at multiple points in its work-flow. This is signaled by calling the function send_error_and_drop/3 or send_errors_and_drop/2.

  • src/amp.erl This module is responsible for parsing rules from incoming elements and serializing server responses in the proper format. binaries_to_rule/3 can return either a proper amp_rule(), or an amp_invalid_rule(), which does not contain sensible values, but can be used by the server to create an appropriate error message.

  • test/amp_SUITE.erl Tests for the API functions exported by amp.erl

  • src/amp_strategy.erl This module is where the server-side hook for determining a default action for a given message is performed. Calls to ejabberd_sm are made here.

  • src/amp_resolver.erl This module models the resolution of amp rules, given a certain strategy. Also, the function verify_rule_support is hard-coded here to return an unsupported- type error for unsupported rule actions and values.

  • test/amp_resolver_SUITE.erl These tests verify that the amp_resolver:check_condition/4 hook works as intended, i.e: that the rules which would be triggered given a particular server-side strategy actually do get triggered, and that all others get rejected.

  • test/amp_gen.erl This module contains PropEr generators for server-side strategies, as well as valid and invalid amp rules. Used in both test suites.

Hooks for Other Modules

If your module would like to have some say in the amp decision making process, please refer to the hooks: amp_determine_strategy and amp_check_condition. Remeber that the hook for check_condition is a fold on a boolean(), and should behave like a variadic or. I.e: once a rule is deemed to apply, other hooks SHOULD NOT revert this value to false.

Cf. this code from amp_resolver:

-spec check_condition(any(), amp_strategy(), amp_condition(), amp_value())
                          -> boolean().
check_condition(HookAcc, Strategy, Condition, Value) ->
    case HookAcc of
        _    -> resolve(Strategy, Condition, Value) %% PERFORM LOCAL CHECK %%

Ideas for Further Development


  • Implement the 'alert' and 'drop' action types.
  • Implement support for the 'stored' value for 'deliver'


  • Implement the security policy described in the third bullet point of XEP-0079, Section 9 (Security Considerations). This will require that amp_resolver:verify_support also take the {From, To, Packet} :: hook_data() parameter and check that From is permitted to know about To's presence. If they are not, then the server should treat this as a not-acceptable amp request.

  • Make support for various actions, conditions and values configurable. This will require implementing an intelligent mechanism for matching the user-supplied rules with what's configured server-side. Currently, server-side support is hard-coded in several places:

    1. Disco announcements are in mod_amp:amp_features/0
    2. Rule support is in amp_resolver:verify_rule_support/1
    3. Every other function that deals with rules can handle unsupported rules, but ignores their meaning and decides that these rules don't apply.


  • Implement support for the 'expire-at' condition.