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4.0.0 to 4.0.1

TOML configuration file

After the latest MongooseIM 4.0.0 release that announced the new TOML configuration format, we've changed a few configuration formats:

  • Removed the backend option for mod_bosh as "mnesia" was the only valid option.
  • Removed the backend option for mod_inbox as "rdbms" was the only valid option.
  • Deprecated mod_revproxy, it can now only be configured with the older, .cfg configuration file. Please refer to the older versions of the documentation to see how to do this.
  • For mod_global_distrib:
  • Replaced the bounce option with bounce.enabled for mod_global_distrib. It was a "boolean with only false being a valid option" which was very confusing. This was because when someone wanted to have bounce enabled it became a TOML table as opposed to a key. Now there is a switch in the bounce section for this behaviour which keeps the behaviour of having bounce enabled by default.
  • Replaced the tls option with tls.enabled for mod_global_distrib for the same reason. The only issue here is as tls is disabled by default (it needs some options in the tls section to be set), the "no section - disabled" approach seems more natural. Just for the consistency, it's changed to be similar to the bounce section in this regard.

mod_http_notification module is no longer available

mod_http_notification has been deprecated since MongooseIM 2.1.1 and it is no longer available in this release. Please use the http backend for mod_event_pusher, which is the direct equivalent of mod_http_notification.


mod_http_notification metric was updated and now is available as mod_event_pusher_http. For more details on how to configure mod_event_pusher with http backend, please see this section.