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Module Description

Enables XEP-0352: Client State Indication functionality. It is implemented mostly in ejabberd_c2s, this module is just a "starter", to advertise the csi stream feature.

The Client State Indication functionality will be possible to use even without enabling this module, but the feature will not be present in the stream features list.

The XEP doesn't require any specific server behaviour in response to CSI stanzas, there are only some suggestions. The implementation in MongooseIM will simply buffer all packets (up to a configured limit) when the session is "inactive" and will flush the buffer when it becomes "active" again.



  • Syntax: non-negative integer or the string "infinity"
  • Default: 20
  • Example: buffer_max = 40

Buffer size for messages queued when session was inactive.

Example Configuration

  buffer_max = 40


If you'd like to learn more about metrics in MongooseIM, please visit MongooseIM metrics page.

Name Type Description (when it gets incremented)
[Host, modCSIInactive] spiral A client becomes inactive.
[Host, modCSIActive] spiral A client becomes active.