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MongooseIM platform overview

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Get to know MongooseIM

MongooseIM is a robust, scalable and efficient XMPP server at the core of an Instant Messaging platform aimed at large installations.

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Designed for enterprise, it is fault-tolerant, can utilise the resources of multiple clustered machines, and easily scales for more capacity by simply adding a box or a VM.

MongooseIM can accept client sessions over vanilla XMPP, REST API and SSE, as well as Websockets and BOSH (HTTP long-polling).

As a platform, MongooseIM includes several server-side (backend) and client-side (frontend) components. We provide a test suite, metrics, a load testing platform, and a monitoring server. We recommend third-party, open source client libraries for XMPP and REST API.

MongooseIM is brought to you by Erlang Solutions.

MongooseIM platform components

MongooseIM platform schema

Server-side components

We offer a set of additional server-side components:

  • WombatOAM is a powerful monitoring platform that comes with a dedicated MongooseIM plugin
  • Test suite is written with the help of these useful tools:
    • escalus: an XMPP client for Erlang
    • amoc: a load testing tool
  • MongooseICE: is a STUN and TURN server written for traversing NATs and relaying streams
  • MongoosePush: is a flexible push notification server with APNS and FCM support

Client-side components

  • XMPP client libraries - we recommend the following client libraries:
  • REST API client libraries - we recommend the following client libraries:

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Download packages

For a quick start just download:

See the installation guide for more details.

Public testing

Check out our test results:


See the documentation for the latest releases:


Suggestions, questions, thoughts? Contact us directly: