Module Description

This module implements an offline messages storage compliant with XEP-0160: Best Practices for Handling Offline Messages. It stores one-to-one messages only when the recipient has no online resources. It is not well suited for applications supporting multiple user devices, because anything saved in the DB can be retrieved only once, so the message history is not synchronised between devices. Although mod_offline may be sufficient in some cases, it is preferable to use mod_mam.


  • access_max_user_messages (atom, default: max_user_offline_messages): Access Rule to use for limiting the storage size per user.
  • backend (atom, default: mnesia): Storage backend. Currently mnesia, rdbms and riak are supported.
Riak-specific options
  • bucket_type (default <<"offline">>) - Riak bucket type.

Example Configuration

{mod_offline, [{access_max_user_messages, max_user_offline_messages}]},


If you'd like to learn more about metrics in MongooseIM, please visit MongooseIM metrics page.

Backend action Type Description (when it gets incremented)
pop_messages histogram Offline messages for a user are retrieved and deleted from a DB.
write_messages histogram New offline messages to a user are written in a DB.