Module Description

This module implements XEP-0049: Private XML Storage, allowing users to store custom XML data in the server's database. Used e.g. for storing roster groups separator.


  • iqdisc (default: one_queue)
  • backend (atom, default: mnesia): Storage backend. Currently mnesia, rdbms, riak and mysql are supported . mysql uses MySQL-specific queries so in some cases it is more efficient than generic rdbms.

CAUTION: Riak KV backend doesn't support transactions (rollbacks), so please avoid inserting more than one value in a single set request, otherwise you may end up with partially saved data. Backend returns the first error.

Riak-specific options
  • bucket_type (default <<"private">>) - Riak bucket type.

Example Configuration

{mod_private, []}


If you'd like to learn more about metrics in MongooseIM, please visit MongooseIM metrics page.

Backend operation Description (when it gets incremented)
multi_get_data XML data is fetched from a DB.
multi_set_data XML data is stored in a DB.