Module Description

This module handles the push_notification hook generated by mod_pubsub with an active push node. Each push_notification hook is converted as a REST API call to the MongoosePush service. You can find the full list of supported publish-options here.


This module uses a connection pool via mongoose_http_client. It must be defined in outgoing_pools setting.


  • pool_name (atom, required) - name of the pool to use (as defined in outgoing_pools)
  • api_version (string, default: v3) - REST API version to be used.
  • max_http_connections (integer, default: 100) - the maximum amount of concurrent http connections

Example configuration

 {http, global, mongoose_push_http, [],
    [{server, "https://localhost:8443"}]

{mod_push_service_mongoosepush, [
        {pool_name, mongoose_push_http}
        {api_version, "v3"}