Features and supported standards

  • XMPP Core: RFC 3920, RFC 6120
    • Note: In RFC 6120 there are 3 different strategies defined in case of a session conflict (same full JID). They are described in Conflict". MongooseIM always uses the 3rd option. It terminates the older session with a <conflict/> stream error.
  • XMPP Instant Messaging and Presence: RFC 3921, RFC 6121
  • Client connections:
  • Server/backend connections:
  • Configurable database backends:
    • Transient:
      • Mnesia
      • Redis
    • Persistent:
      • RDBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, generic ODBC
      • NOSQL: Riak KV, Cassandra
  • Integration with third-party services

Supported XEPs

XEP Number Name Module
0004 Data Forms
0012 Last Activity mod_last
0016 Privacy Lists mod_privacy
0018 Invisible Presence
0022 Message Events mod_offline
0023 Message Expiration mod_offline
0030 Service Discovery mod_disco
0045 Multi-User Chat mod_muc
0049 Private XML Storage mod_private
0050 Ad-Hoc Commands mod_adhoc
0054 vcard-temp mod_vcard
0055 Jabber Search mod_vcard
0059 Result Set Management
0060 Publish-Subscribe mod_pubsub
0068 Field Standardization for Data Forms
0073 Basic IM Protocol Suite
0077 In-Band Registration mod_register
0079 Advanced Message Processing mod_amp (partial support)
0082 XMPP Date and Time Profiles
0085 Chat State Notifications
0086 Error Condition Mappings
0106 JID Escaping
0114 Jabber Component Protocol ejabberd_service
0115 Entity Capabilities mod_caps
0124 Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH) mod_bosh
0126 Invisibility mod_privacy
0138 Stream Compression
0153 vCard-Based Avatars mod_vcard
0157 Contact Addresses for XMPP Services mod_disco
0160 Best Practices for Handling Offline Messages mod_offline
0163 Personal Eventing Protocol mod_pubsub
0170 Recommended Order of Stream Feature Negotiation
0175 Best Practices for Use of SASL ANONYMOUS
0185 Dialback Key Generation and Validation
0191 Blocking Command mod_blocking
0198 Stream Management mod_stream_management
0199 XMPP Ping mod_ping
0202 Entity Time
0203 Delayed Delivery
0206 XMPP Over BOSH mod_bosh
0237 Roster Versioning mod_roster
0270 XMPP Advanced Server 2010
0279 Server IP Check mod_sic
0280 Message Carbons mod_carboncopy
0313 Message Archive Management mod_mam
0352 Client State Indication mod_csi
0357 Push Notifications mod_event_pusher_push
0363 HTTP File Upload mod_http_upload
0384 OMEMO Encryption (MongooseIM supports PEP, which is required by this extension)
0387 XMPP Compliance Suites 2018 - all suites, Advanced Server level

Supported Open Extensions

Name Module
MUC Light mod_muc_light
Token-based reconnection mod_auth_token, mod_keystore

Integration with other platform components


MongooseIM can be integrated with MongoosePush. For more details visit the push notification user guide.


You can also connect Mongoose with MongooseICE. To get started, we recommend going through this tutorial.