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Contributions to the Ecosystem

Our contributions to the ecosystem.

Third-party opensource projects

XMPPFramework for iOS

Available on: robbiehanson/XMPPFramework

Smack for Android

Available on: igniterealtime/Smack


See movim/movim on GitHub for more details.

Software by Erlang Solutions


See esl/escalus on GitHub for more details.

An XMPP client library in Erlang for conveniently testing XMPP servers

Apache license 2.0


See esl/amoc on GitHub for more details.

amoc is a simple tool for running massively parallel XMPP tests

Apache license 2.0


amoc stands for "A Murder of Crows"


See esl/amoc-arsenal-xmpp on GitHub for more details.

A collection of scenarios for amoc, which we use to test MongooseIM. They can however be used to load test any XMPP server.

Apache license 2.0


See esl/exml on GitHub for more details.

XML parsing library in Erlang

Apache license 2.0

MongooseICE: ICE (STUN/TURN) server

See MongooseICE on GitHub for more details.

MongoosePush: Push notifications server (APNS/FCM)

See MongoosePush on GitHub for more details.

Open standards

MUC light

MUC stands for Multi-User Chat. MUC light is a presenceless and subscription-based group chat, relying on a simplified version of MUC.

Token-based reconnection

Token-based reconnection (TBR) Reconnection mechanism, for temporary disconnections, using tokens instead of passwords