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Options: Services

Some functionalities in MongooseIM are provided by "services". A service is similar to a module, but while a module is started for every host type and may have global or specific configuration, a service is started only once with global configuration. Currently, three modules are categorised as "service providers". Eventually the modules which are not specific for a host type will be refactored to be services.

  • Syntax: Each service is specified in its own services.* section.
  • Default: None - each service needs to be enabled explicitly. Typical services are already specified in the example configuration file.
  • Example: A configuration of the service_domain_db service.
  event_cleaning_interval = 1000
  event_max_age = 5000


MongooseIM system metrics are being gathered to analyse the trends and needs of our users, improve MongooseIM, and get to know where to focus our efforts. See System Metrics Privacy Policy for more details.

  • Syntax: boolean
  • Default: not specified
  • Example: report = true

An explicit acknowledgement that the metrics are gathered and reported. When this option is not specified, the reports are gathered, and a notification appears in logs on startup. Enabling this option silences the notification reminder that metrics are gathered. When this option is set to false, System Metrics Service is not started and metrics are not collected.


  • Syntax: non-negative integer
  • Default: 300_000 (milliseconds - 5 minutes).
  • Example: intial_report = 300_000

Time delay counted when the service is started after which the first metrics report is created and sent.


  • Syntax: non-negative integer
  • Default: 108_000_000 (milliseconds - 3 hours)
  • Example: periodic_report = 108_000_000

Time delay for a periodic update report to be created and sent.

  • Syntax: string
  • Default: no default.
  • Example: = "G-123456789"

Tracking ID to forward the reported metrics so that they can be viewed in the Google Analytics dashboard.


  • Syntax: string
  • Default: no default.
  • Example: tracking_id.secret = "Secret"

Removing the services.service_mongoose_system_metrics entry will result in the service not being started. Metrics will not be collected and shared. It will generate a notification that the feature is not being used. The notification can be silenced by setting the no_report option explicitly.


This service is needed to use the dynamic domains API. It is used to synchronise dynamic domains between nodes after starting.


  • Syntax: string
  • Default: global
  • Example: db_pool = "my_host_type"

By default, this service uses the RDBMS connection pool configured with the scope "global". You can put a specific host type there to use the default pool with the host_type scope for that particular host type. See the outgoing connections docs for more information about pool scopes.


  • Syntax: positive integer
  • Default: 1800 (seconds - 30 minutes)
  • Example: event_cleaning_interval = 1800

The number of seconds between cleaning attempts of the domain_events table.


  • Syntax: positive integer
  • Default: 7200 (seconds - 2 hours)
  • Example: event_max_age = 7200

The number of seconds after an event must be deleted from the domain_events table.

Example configuration

  report = true
  initial_report = 300_000
  periodic_report = 108_000_000 = "G-123456789"
  tracking_id.secret = "Secret"

  db_pool = "global"
  event_cleaning_interval = 1800
  event_max_age = 7200