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5.1.0 to 6.0.0

Module configuration

  • The mod_mam_meta module is now named mod_mam for simplicity, so if you are using this module, you need to update the module name in mongooseim.toml.
  • mod_commands, mod_inbox_commands, mod_muc_commands and mod_muc_light_commands are removed. Their functionality is now fully covered by mongoose_admin_api. You need to delete these modules from mongooseim.toml.


The mod_mam backend module is now named mod_mam_pm for consistency with mod_mam_muc. As a result, the backend metrics have updated names, i.e. each [backends, mod_mam, Metric] name is changed to [backends, mod_mam_pm, Metric], where Metric can be lookup or archive.


The whole REST API has been unified and simplified. There are now only two REST API handlers that you can configure in the listen section of mongooseim.toml:

You need to remove the references to the obsolete handlers (mongoose_api_client, mongoose_api_admin, mongoose_api, mongoose_domain_handler) from your configuration file.

Additionally, all the backend administration endpoints for mod_muc_light require now XMPPMUCHost (MUC subdomain) instead of XMPPHost (domain) and roomID instead of roomName.

For some endpoints, the response messages may be slightly different because of the unification with other APIs.

Command Line Interface

For some commands, the response messages may be slightly different because of the unification with other APIs.

Dynamic domains

Removing a domain was a potentially troublesome operation: if the removal was to fail midway through the process, retrials wouldn't be accepted. This is fixed now, by first disabling and marking a domain for removal, then running all the handlers, and only on full success will the domain be removed. So if any failure is notified, the whole operation can be retried again.

The database requires a migration, as the status of a domain takes now more than the two values a boolean allows, moreover the table for data of the domain admin has been added. See the migrations for Postgres, MySQL and MSSQL in the priv/migrations directory.


Support for ejabberd_hooks has been removed. Now handlers should be compliant with gen_hook. If you have some custom modules (e.g. that implement some XMPP extensions) and use hooks mechanism, please refactor your handlers to be compliant with it. For more details refer to Hooks and Handlers chapter.