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How to build and run MongooseIM docker image

The instruction below will guide you through the process of building and running the MongooseIM docker image.


To follow this guide you need to have docker installed and the MongooseIM GitHub repository cloned locally.

Building docker image

To build a MongooseIM image, navigate to the main repo directory (referenced as $REPO in this guide) and execute:


which will build a MongooseIM docker image based on the current local commit if it is available on the remote.

Alternatively, it is possible to build a docker image based on any commit available on remote (commit hash referenced as $COMMIT_HASH), by executing:

./tools/ $COMMIT_HASH

Running docker image

Full tutorial on running a docker image is available on mongooseim-docker GitHub. Here only simple and one-node configuration will be presented. In order to run it execute:

docker run -dt -h first-node --name first-node -e JOIN_CLUSTER=false mongooseim

which starts a single MongooseIM node named first-node.